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 Staining & Finishing 

JDM's Qualified Stainers have years of experience through trial and error when it comes to staining & finishing. Its not as easy as just picking a stain color and going to town. There are a lot of variables to take into consideration when working with items that need to be done right the first time. Lucky for your project we have that knowledge. You can rest assure JDM is your go-to for when it comes to color, uniformity & smoothness. Whether its Cabinets, Vanities, Mill work, Doors, etc. We've done it and can be confident you'll like what we can do for you !


First we'll identified what wood species you have and whether it's a soft or hard wood. Soft woods will need a pre stain conditioner applied prior to staining and some others require H20 "Trade secret" to open pores and help darken tone/color. 

Then we'll need a sample piece from you of what you need the new stuff to match up to. Ideally the same species of wood is to be used for this process.


Once the stain match is made & approved we are ready to get to work identifying imperfections such as dents, scratches and other eye sore areas. We'll fix those areas with wood filler & sand out imperfections. We always sand along the grain vs against it. 

Now the staining begins, We'll use a variety of ways to apply, Most commonly we'll use a china bristle stain brush, other times we'll use lambs wool, HVLP Sprayer. This all really depends on how big the item is.  Once the stain is applied we may wipe off using rags, or we may like to leave a little on the surface and dry brush. Dry brushing is very important as it leaves more of the color on the surface and helps get built up stain out of the profiles. But only with Soft woods as hard woods don't accept that method. It will scratch off. This is where is pays to use a Pro with that kind of knowledge. 


Once All the staining is complete, we'll spray your clear coat using either a Airless Sprayer, HVLP, Aerosol or Brush Method. We commonly use a Pre-Catalyzed Hi-Build Lacquer, or we may use a water based product. This depends on your projects environment and whether it will allow for over spray and toxic VOC's.


Your item being finished will get two coats, The first of which is to sealed in the stain and to raise the wood grain, We then use a custom color putty to fill in all those nail holes. Then we sand smooth, fix any burned edges and apply the second coat and if we did our job correctly you're left with a smooth finished product.

It's also important to say Stain rags are never left on site as they can com bust and start a fire when the air temp is just right.