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We offer Exterior Painting & Staining Services for Residential, Commercial & New Construction



"They" always say, get three bids, So call the Pros at JDM Pro Painting LLC. You'll be glad you did. 


We have many years of experience working on exteriors. Cedar, Aluminum, Hardie Plank, Etc.

So no matter what you have, we can handle it. 

When it comes to Exterior Painting, Surface prep & using the correct materials is most important,  We've seen it a hundred times, Someone used the wrong material , they didn't pressure wash, hand scrape or prime, now it's bubbling, peeling & chipping.

JDM Pro Painting LLC. takes the necessary steps to ensure your home or business look its best for years to come.

We stand behind our work and to prove it, we offer a Two Year Warranty on all workmanship.

What you can expect from us on your exterior painting project.

  • JDM Team Members will arrive between 7:00 - 7:30 am. Meet & greet and confirm whats being done.

  • They'll start by removing & labeling shutters & other items affixed to the working surface. 

  • Cover up flowers, mulch beds & sidewalks to help catch falling paint chips.

  • Pressure wash mildew, leeching, bugs, webs and oxidation off the working surfaces.

  • Hand scrape any remaining loose material

  • Identify any soft or rotted wood & repair if possible, Replace if needed. - Minor repairs only.

  • Spot prime raw wood surfaces using an Oil Based Primer 

  • Once dry, They caulk cracks, gaps & fill holes. 

  • Apply two coats of either Latex Paint, Solid Colored or Semi-Transparent Stain.

  • Clean up the site each day and a good final clean up when project is complete. 

  • Ladders and equipment will be staged in a safe area or a place you designate. 

  • Once all sides are complete, we inspect the whole project and touch up as needed. 

  • All touch up materials are labeled and left with you for future touch up needs. 

  • No Downpayment is needed, You only pay us when the project is complete and you're satisfied.

Please note: Your project may or may not be required to spray, if it does, then rest assure we take the extra precautionary steps to avoid over spray and always back-roll the material into the surface for best adhesion.